Never buy a Dog from a Pet Store or On the Internet here is why

Hi everyone just wanted to announce that we put up our first youtube video yesterday to promote the fact that it is so very important to Rescue A Dog instead of purchasing one from a Pet Store or on the Internet. You can see that video here now.

The reason for not buying from a pet store or the Internet is because the pet stores and 99% of the dogs sold online come from a puppy mill.

Some things that everyone needs to know about puppy mills are they are the cruelest place in the world to be in if you are a dog. What many do not know about them is that a dog is put into a cage sometimes no bigger than 2ft by 2ft and if they are lucky they are in there alone. If not they share that small space with another dog sometimes two others. They are not let out of that cage again except maybe to breed or when they die. If something happens to them and they get hurt or get sick they are not allowed to see a vet. Instead either they get better or they die. If they break a bone it is never set or helped in anyway. Many dogs have such mats in their hair it causes them to get their legs stuck in the hair and then they can not walk or move and that often causes the leg to break.

They are in a cage with small bars all around including the bottom this is very hard on their feet. when they have to poop, it stays in the cage till it either falls through from drying out after some time or is soft and gets stepped on and squished through the floor. The poop goes below the cage and stays there till it rots away. I can not imagine the smell in there but these poor dogs know no different and after awhile just accept it even if that is so unnatural.

These poor dogs are fed only dry food and not much of that and their water is seldom clean. They never get a bath. Often thier puppies get sick and die and are not removed till long after they die days, weeks or when it is time to take the litter to give to the broker. At this time the dead puppy is simply thrown below the cage to rot.

These dogs loose their front teeth both on top and bottom from biteing the cage in some helpless attempt to escape this miserable home they have. Then there is the nervous dog who in this tiny space just spins and spins or runs in circles in an attempt to relieve effects of living in such a horible place. These poor dogs never see the light of day or feel grass under their feet they just live in filth.

Something that few know is that the puppies born in the puppy mill are sold to a broker who inturn takes them around to pet stores and sells them to the store. These brokers take all of the puppies they can get and care less how he treats them he will stuff as many as he can get into a small cage or crate and if some of them sufficate, get squashed or something else that causes death to them oh well too bad. It is not uncommon that only 50% or the puppies that leave the puppy mill ever arrive at a pet store alive. They are transported in a 18 wheeler just like cargo will go in the back where it is hot in summer and very cold in winter.

Another thing that makes these puppies not desirable is that many of them are inbreed and will have major problems that will effect them either early in life or later in life for sure. The puppy mills are not careful in their breeding it is not uncommon that a litter of puppies will not always be purbreeds. This was actually how the what is called today the designer dog came about. Poodles accidently were breed with Bichons and the Bichonpoo was born. So the Pet Stores in not wanting to lose the opportunity to make big money off a dog came up with designer dogs. Now many puppy mills breed for that.

I had a Bichonpoo once born in 2002 and felt at the time she was so special and in actually she was bought her off the Internet from a place in Ohio I lived then in California. She was flown to me and she as I remember was very scared when I first got her and I relize now why and that was because besides the person who took her out of the cage one day to bath her and get her ready to send to me she had never been out of that cage before then. She had not been handled by anyone but good thing was she was a puppy and soon adapted.

I felt so lucky to get a Desiner dog I paid a lot of money for her too. She turned out to be the best dog I ever owned in her personality and I was really all for designer dogs and in many ways am still today. Its seems that purbreed dogs often have many illness that a cross breed dog does not. So maybe this is not such a bad thing. But if you have your heart set on gettine one breed or another you should get what you pay very high prices for from a pet store not a designer dog in disquise.

Just to let you know how why a puppy mill is not only because of what I said above are so bad but do you know that industry is a multi million dollar industry? Here is how it works most puppy mills of any size at all have around a thousand female dogs. I am not certain how many males but the female is the main ones they have for obvious reasons.

Here is how the cyle goes the breeder puppy mill sells the puppies at usually 6 weeks of age some older or normal age to take away from the mom but not all. They will sell the dogs to the broker for $50.00 to S200.00 each. Then the broker sells these puppies to the pet store for around $400 on the average then the pet store administers antibiotics to the puppies and has a vet who will say they are perfect puppies. The reason for the antibiotics is to make the puppy look as healthy as they can be when the truth is they are not healthy at all. They clean up the puppies put bows in their hair and put them on display and tell all who sees them they are purbreed and have papers. Now the AKC will give papers to anyone who simply fills out the paperwork and sends that in. So it is not hard to get papers on any dog at all. I know of one person who challenged this and regiatered a litter of cats as pure breed poodles once just to prove how easy it was to get papers that simply mean nothing.

So the buyer never knows for some time after the purchase that they got a unhealthy dog. Pet Stores often sell these dogs for as much as $3,500 for each puppy. This is why pet stores take on the burdon of from time to time having to take a puppy back which is when that happens they puppy is often simply just killed. Remember they paid around $400 for it and since it is sick they can never get their money back out of it and besides would not look good to have it be known that a puppy like that came from their store so instead get rid of the evidence! The pet stores are very much aware of the fact that many puppys are not well puppies. They do not care they like all in this chain are simply in it for the money they can make off this terrible cycle. They can not make the kind of money they do by dealing with a responsible breeder where all of the puppies from them are guaranteed and always healthy in many ways more than any puppy mill puppy ever has a chance to be, so instead they buy all of their puppies from a puppy mill. PetCo is the biggest buyer of puppy mill dogs moreso than any pet store on the planet! 101% of the puppies at petco are from a puppy mill.

It is good that some people refuse to buy any products or even shop in any pet store that sells live animals as not just puppies but many or most live animals in pet shops come from the same kind of situations as puppy mills. It just that most pet stores sell more puppies than any other type of animal.

I live in Missouri which is known as and considered the Puppy Mill Capital of the World there are more puppy mills in Missouri than any other state in the united states. The reason behind this is because in the state of Missouri the government allows these puppy mills to exist and a year or so ago the voters of this state voted in a bill that put great restrictions on the puppy mills and many were going to have to close down. As cleaning up their acts reducing the number of dogs they had and making sure the dogs had veternarian inspections regularily and grooming and other things so that the dogs would no longer live in total hell. They had to make sure that the places were clean and ventilation for the dogs and so many good things would have changed. Since this is a multi million dollar a year industry. It was not long before payoffs were made and that law got overturned. So once again Missouri could keep its name as the Puppy Mill Capital of the world.

There are several people like me here who are working very hard to change all this but the best thing we can do is bring to as many people the knowledge of why they simply can not buy from pet stores or the Internet anymore as without customers the puppy mills will eventually go out of business and stop the cruel things they do to the poor dogs and make it once again just for responsible breeders.

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How Holly saved Buttons from being homeless

First please look at the header above and you will see where it says Buttons before rescue and then Buttons after rescue and over to the right is Holly.

I guess it is time I explain why those dogs are there. Buttons is a puppy mill breeding dog that I adopted in 2010. But it was because of Holly that I did that. Tonight I put up a new video on YouTube that tells that story. Here is that video.  On the screen you will see I hope or should be my other video on YouTube called why rescue a dog if you get a chance look at that one too.

So now you know all about why I choose the header I did and it was all about Buttons I rescued or other dogs I owned. Holly in the video I said she was 8 but she really was 6 when she died that was a mistake and now that the video is done cannot change that. For some reason thought she was born in 2002 but was not it was 2004. She was so young to have gone to heaven and I miss her more than any words can say.

As the video said I really did not want another dog I wanted my Holly back! But that could not happen here on earth anyway. I will look for her on the rainbow bridge one day. But the true fact of this matter is I now have a wonderful new best friend, because so many of my friends told me to adopt a dog and do not buy a puppy. They told me then that the puppies come from puppy mills and how cruel the puppy mills are and so many reasons why I needed to get a new friend and in doing that give a dog a home that there are so many of them and they make great pets.

My first reaction to all of that is I do not want a dog I want my Holly. Well I cried I grieved I moan all day long for days weeks and still am to a degree today. My heart was broken I did not need to take on a problem dog on top of that. After all I thought any dog you get from the shelter or anywhere else for that matter if there then there has to be a very good reason they are there and why would I want someone else’s problem dog!

But I then started to research it some in-between crying my eyes out daily. I soon learned a lot about puppy mills and how cruel they are to the breeding dogs and even the puppies they produce there. I was blown away to the fact that some of the puppy mills have as many as 1,000 to 2,000+ breeding female dogs. They make somewhere around $1,250,000.00 to double that +. I am not sure how many male dogs they need to service them but I imagine a lot of them too. I also was amazed at finding out that these puppy mills breed the female dogs just as soon as they can after they give birth again giving the female dog no time for much rest in between litters. So one dog in 5 years can have 50 puppies making them a total of $6,250.00. They do this to the female dog from time she has her first heat after her birth around 6 months and every time after that till she reaches the age of 5 years old and simply so worn out from having one litter after another they are for the first time removed from their cage and killed and replaced by one of their puppies and then the inbreeding begins in puppy mills.

Often the female dog has problem with births and die from that only the lucky ones will survive to be 5 years old. Well maybe they are not as lucky as life in a puppy mill is not a fun one. My Buttons came to me with no teeth in front none on the top or bottom. So eatting dry food is not easy for her. You see the dogs get so bored or anxious to escape the very small cage they are in they bite at the bars trying to escape and in doing that lose their teeth. These poor dogs are never taken to the vets for anything wrong with them. There usually is a half way vet at the puppy mill if it is any size to help if one of the dogs has problems with the birth.

But they do not help the dogs at all when from never being groomed and one of their paws or legs gets caught up in the hair so bad that the leg soon gets broken. They just let the poor dog limp from that best way they can. These puppy mills either keep the dogs outside all year around with little if any shade from the sun and no heat from the cold weather. Others are kept inside in a room that smells so bad it is impossible to describe. They live in cages with wire on the bottom making that very hard on their feet and is only place they can go to the bathroom in and it falls below the cage and usually stays there for a long time if ever cleaned up. They get a small amount of dry dog food put into the cage once a day through a shoot and if it hits their bowl great if not and falls below oh well! Their water is not changed often or the bowl cleaned but someone will come around once in awhile and use a hose to refill it but again the bowl is seldom if ever cleaned.

So not sure if I would want to be outside where at least could get some fresh air or inside where I maybe a little warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Both are not a nice place to live your whole life in. So unhealthy it is a wonder any of the dogs survive. I have heard that some puppy mills cram into some cages several dogs and if one of the dogs dies they are there for days and sometimes weeks before removed and tossed into the trash can or sold to dog food companies for meat for dog food. That is another post we will do one day. There are so many sad stories to tell about how bad this industry is when it comes to man’s best friend! aww Woman’s too! I will have enought information to fill this blog for years.

Before getting Buttons and talking to the rescue agency that got her for me I had no idea just how bad things were for our beloved pets. Long before Buttons I had rescued many animals mostly guess cats. They would show up at my house and had such sad faces I would feed them some not too much at first as wanted them to go home but when they acted like they had no home the front door was opened and in they came and stayed! I did take a dog years ago that someone I worked with asked me if I would give it a good home as the owners of it simply did not want it anymore and I of course fell in love with it first time I saw it and took her in. I also was once over at a friend’s house when someone knocked on her front door asking her if she would take a tiny 4 pd Tcup poodle they had found and had tried to find its owners but could not and could no longer keep it they had had it for a couple of months. It looked so pitiful I said I would take it and had Rambo I called him for years.

I also caught a parakeet outside and a Cockatiel and had the cockatiel for 21 years. He must have been young when he got away from his owner. I also can tell you that all of those pets were wonderful pets and I have never regretted having a single one of them. It was funny how I had a cat named Naugles that wanted my cockatiel so bad his name was Royal. I was always saying to Naugles leave Royal alone. Then I would say here Naugles here kitty kitty. Then one day Royal said Here kitty kitty here Naugles. When I heard him say that I laughed and laughed the only one who did not think it was funny was Naugles! That went on for years. Royal tantalizing the cat and Naugles wanting Royal for dinner. Needless to say Royal way outlived Naugles. Today they share space together in a urn so Naugles finally is next to Royal. Now that must be heaven for Naughles. Not sure about Royal.

So in closing all I can say is when you adopt a dog or any kind of pet you are doing something that will come back to you tenfold. Like one of my videos says somehow they know they are lucky and that is true and when you rescue a dog or any kind of pet. They seems to really fall in love with you and want to please you to no end. They become the best pet you have ever had. Unlike a puppy who just expects things as he is growing up kind of mimics our kids to a degree. Where if you take in a older dog and show him esp one like Buttons what someone being good to them is like and what love is and what a toy is and OMG all the food they want. They actually not only respect you but kind of worship you and want to more than ever make you happy in return.

I know they say you should not let a dog sleep with you so keep this just between you and me. My Buttons and Holly before that sleeps so close to me at night it is like ok my side of bed is this little space on the right and rest is yours so spread out but no they are right there as close to you as they can get. Somehow that not only does not bother me it makes me feel good! Someone unconditionally loves me very much!

So in saving Buttons and doing it out of respect of Holly has filled my heart with such pure joy I cannot even describe it good enough. So if you want the same kind of feeling and a best friend for life do not go to that pet shop and get a puppy from a puppy mill. But instead locate your nearest rescue agency you can find them online just Google for it. Or run do not walk run down to your nearest shelter and save one there that is sitting on death row and never did anything wrong!

When you know you saved a life God will give you a great big golden check mark and say there is a real good kindhearted person I want in my kingdom one day.

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Dog Food vs Making Your Own

After rescuing Buttons and she was so small and had a very poor look about her with malnutrition to boot. I decided to make sure her diet was top notch and she would have nothing but the best dog food money could buy to bring her back to proper health. But of course I had to take into consideration the fact that she did not have any front teeth due to her biting the cage when in the puppy mill they simply were now gone. So dry food was simply not an option.

If you do much research on the Internet you soon will find that even the premium dog foods available are not all they should be so I decided to start cooking for her myself. Then it dawned on me what if what I cook was not good for her too! Then what should I do. I knew enough to know that Dogs simply can not eat everything that I do as I would not like a bone very much either. So I did research on the Internet for dog food recipes and soon found that they were not that easy to come by. Then with enough research I did find a really great place to get recipes from and think you should check them out too if you have ever considered making your own dog food your self you should watch this video as they show you how they make Peanut Butter cookies for your dog and it is really very simple.

Now please note that these people are from Australia and so therefore when they say cook the cookies at 190 degrees in this video do not worry the receips will have them in the proper tempeture you need so they will come out great. After the video I will give you a link so you can also get great dog recipes like I did and cook for your dog too you will find it is not that hard to do and it will save you a ton of money compared to buying premium dog food and also give you the knowledge that you are making your dog very healthy.

Click here to get Dog Treat Recipes

When you go to this site you will get all of their recipes plus you will get 4 bonus books on subject like dog training, Secrets To A Healthy & Happy Pooch’, 101 ways to spoil your pet, Secrets To Making Disease Free & Healthy Dog Treats plus all of the recipes. This is probably the best offer I have ever seen especially when right now the total cost for it all is a real steal at $17.00 this is a limited time offer so go see for yourself and then return here and make a comment below for others to know this is such a great offer too!

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Top 11 reasons as to Why Rescue A Dog

Why Rescue A Dog… the simple answer to that is because it is the right thing to do. By learning as to why rescue a dog you will when you do that save two lives not just one.

Top 11 reasons as to why rescue a dog is right thing to do.

1. You give a forever home to a very appreciating and loving dog who somehow knows that he/she has a new lease on life.

2. You make space for another dog to take the place of the dog you rescued so he or she can wait for her chance for a forever home … hence saving two lives! That alone is good reason to learn why rescue a dog!

3. Adult dogs who have been with a rescue agency are often already house broken from being in foster care and get along great with other dogs and most with cats too.

4. By learning why rescue a dog and then save one you are taking business away from pet stores like Petco the largest pet store to get all of their dogs from puppy mills. Sooner hopefully not later with enough people doing this these stores will go out of business and with enough doing that it will stop puppy mills from being around. One dog at a time can do this! So please learn why rescue a dog is good thing to do.

5. You avoid the puppy stage and also avoid the chewed shoes and furniture and puppy training as well.

6. Rescue dogs know they are lucky and can bond with a family quickly and make superb pets. They become very devoted to their new families and really show it in their daily lives with you. When you learn why rescue a dog is good thing to do we make a donation of 25% of all profit from our website and our blog.

7. They come up to date with all shots and are neutered or spayed before you ever get them and you know what their health is before you get them. Where as from a pet store often the puppies are inbred and are sick and simply turn out to be very sick later down the line and vet bills will be high.

8. When a dog goes into a foster home and or rescue organization these people check each dog out completely and know what their personality is like and you too will know before you receive them and not only the dog but you are put through a test to see if the both of you are a perfect match. They make sure you know why rescue a dog is right thing to do and are doing it for the right reasons.

9. Success rate of putting together a dog with a forever home is almost 100% a match where both dog and family will be very happy.

10.  A organization that adopts out a pet will check back with the forever home not just at the first but will check and make sure everything is going great for years after an adoption. If there ever comes a time you can no longer keep your forever dog they will always take them back! Try doing that with a pet shop! So you see why rescue a dog has it real advantages!

11. You save many puppies from dying as they are crated so tight into cages by puppy brokers for on their journey to pet stores that about 50% of them die in the cages before they reach a store that takes them.

Please come to to learn more and sign up for our newsletter and we will counsel you on dog training, care for your new rescue dog, proper feeding and what to feed and not feed, how to care for your new rescue dog in the first 30 days of getting them, All about puppy mills and what happens to dogs that live there and much more.

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Hello world! Learn Why Rescue A Dog is Thing To Do

Let me first of all explain why rescue a dog is so important! This is our first post we  hope you find it informative.

I live in the State of Missouri which has more Puppy Mills than any other State in the United States. There are way too many reasons as to why rescue a dog is some thing if you are able to do you really need to do.

One of the saddest reasons there are so many cruel Puppy Mills in the State of Missouri is because my state simply does not care how the dogs are treated. The residents of our state less than 2 years ago voted into law that the puppy mills could no longer treat the dogs so inhuman. They also could not have hundreds of them and they could not house them in such pig sty conditions. They would also be made to give them veneration services when they were sick instead of leaving them in their cages to die. Often they would die in a cage with other dogs there and only be removed after lying there for many days. Making that a very unsanitary conditions for the other dogs. Please consider and learn why rescue a dog is the thing to do!They also would not be allowed to house a very aggressive dog with a passive one together. This alone causes many dogs to die. The aggessive one gets so mean and sometimes a little crazy from all of the abuse they will kill the passive one or let it starve to death! The employees there Ihear sometimes have bets on how long the passive one will live!

That was the case of Buttons she was in with a very aggressive dog that would not let her eat and there for she was way under weight and very unhealthy. After I got Buttons she gained around 3 pounds from once and for all being allowed to eat till she got full. That amount of weight was around 50% of her present weight more  she had to gain before she got healthy. She went from 7 pounds now to 10 pounds.

It was not long before the puppy mill owners paid off officials in Missouri and got that bill overturned. So once again the poor dogs in the puppy mills in Missouri are at grave danger and with the officials in control that are it seems that no time soon will that be changed. This is one of the reasons I call Missouri (Misery) when people ask me where do I live! I was born in Missouri but soon after graduating from high school I moved to the state of California. I lived most of my adult life there and only returned to Missouri to help care for my elderly parents around 8 years ago.

I had no clue till moving here just how cruel this industry was. I was like so many others I went to pet stores I played with the puppies I shopped at Petco all the time. I even bought my beloved Holly off the Internet!

When Holly passed away in July of 2010 from a terrible accident. So many of my friends told me rescue a dog do not buy a puppy. At first I said no if I got another dog I wanted a puppy. I also said I did not want another dog as the grief was too much.

Then one friend after another told me all about the puppy mills here in Missouri and how cruel they were. I really had no idea. I then started researching it and it was around that also that this law in Missouri was such a issue. I too got involved and when I found out all I know today there was no way I could NOT SAVE A DOG instead of buy one and by doing that contribute to the puppy mills income and making it possible for more and more dogs each day being treated so cruel!

The practice of most of the puppy mills in Missouri is to once a female dog becomes around 5 years old or she starts having fewer pups than in the past she is taken out of her cage and killed and not always in anywhere near of a human way. Usually to save on expenses she is simply beaten to death with a baseball bat.

My life has turned around and now I am a activist to help every way I can hence this website and to educate people to know Why Rescue A Dog is the thing to do.

With more puppy mills in the State of Missouri than any other state it stands to reason I am so ashamed to say since I live here more dogs die in Missouri than any other state. Not a very nice thing to brag about but is a fact. Please learn why to rescue a dog is the thing to do.

Even if a dog like Buttons is lucky enough to live long enough to start with as many die from other abuse first. Then if they are lucky times two to not be beaten to death but be rescued by one of the many organizations that are trying so hard to stop this inhuman way dogs are treated here in Missouri. My Buttons was rescued by such an organization and when this site is older and we have time to do so we will be putting up some aids you will need to care for your dog and a large portion of the income from this site will go to help organizarions keep saving these poor dogs.

These rescue dogs unfortunately still will have a normal life span which for Buttons her breed Bichon Frise is around 16+ years. Instead they are lucky to live 10+ from so many years of abuse. Please learn why to rescue a dog is so important then go and do it. These dogs deserve a forever home and what is left of their poor life a happy one too!

With the above said how could anyone continue to go to Petco and buy a puppy as Petco is one of the main reasons that there are so many puppy mills in Missouri! Why rescue a dog is something everyone who cares about dogs should consider. Every dog you buy from Petco and other pet shops in almost every case comes from a puppy mill. Most in the state of Missouri. Also the dogs advertised on the Internet again in most cases come from a puppy mill. Do not buy a puppy from either place instead learn why you should rescue a dog and go do it!

I bought my Holly from the Internet and she was flown to me from Ohio. I was ignorant back in 2002 when I got her. I had no idea and I know many others today are like I was too. I now know why rescue a dog is so important and out of respect to my beloved Holly I did just that!

So what can you and I do? Why Rescue A Dog website is here to help you discover just that keep visiting bookmark our page go to our Sister site and then take action!

The first thing we can do and I have already done so is search for a very sweet puppy mill dog that is in jeopardy of being killed from no longer being able to manufacture enough puppies!

Or a stud dog who simply can not keep up with the pace of breeding one after another dame dog daily. Then ask your self Why rescue a dog and when you come up with because that is the humane thing to do for all the reasons I have discussed above. Once you agree that you have enough room in your heart to help a dog in need of a forever home. Go out and bring your new best friend home.

Never look back and soon you will realize that by doing that you have performed the best deed of your life. After that tell everyone you know why rescue a dog is the thing to do to!

Some puppy mills have hundreds often near thousands of dogs living in very inhuman conditions. Many of the dogs go blind from fighting over food or just have developed a nervous condition they can not control from being locked up so long with no relief in site. I saw a video of one dog that constantly ran around in circles in his/her cage and eventually right into the cage as if trying so hard to escape.These are the dogs that never make it out of the puppy mill alive as they simply drop dead in their cage one day! Only the ones with a real spirit for life live long enough to either be rescued or put to death!

They fight with every dog they come in contact with. So sooner or later they are hurt with broken bones and they have lost an eyes. Their poor legs are broken or other bones for that matter and are never seen or treated by a vet. So now they are crippled. If a dog gets sick from living outside in freezing weather or gets heat stroke in the summer they are simply just left to die. Remember no one there cares! They are easily replaced! Please think about why rescue a dog is so important.

These puppy mills owners have no heart what so ever for the dogs that bring them Thousands of dollars each and every year. They know with hundreds of litters born each day many will never be sold and if they need a new breeder just take one of puppies. The other puppies not sold are killed! There are organizations who have been able to get the puppies so if it is a puppy you want learn why to rescue a dog and get your puppy from them! We will help you.

So for the unlucky ones who become breeders life continues daily to be something that they wish instead they had died. The lucky ones are killed or was rescued!

Please visit this website often and let us educate you best we can as to why rescue a dog is so important and also how to care for these mistreated dogs after you bring them home.

Our next Blog will be on top 11 reasons as to why rescue a dog!


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